Think Siri Sucks? Replace It With Google Voice Search Using NowNow Tweak [Jailbreak]


Use Google Voice Search from anywhere in iOS.
Use Google Voice Search from anywhere in iOS.

If you’ve found Siri to be completely useless, and you’ve decided it’s easier to avoid it than to shout at it, then why not replace it with Google Voice Search? If you’ve got a jailbroken iOS device, it’s as easy as installing a new tweak called NowNow.

NowNow gives Siri a swift kick up the backside and then replaces it with Google Voice Search, Google’s Siri substitute, which many find is far more accurate. Once installed, holding your home button will instantly bring up Google’s service as opposed to Apple’s.

AppAdvice demonstrates NowNow in action:

There are some caveats, of course. Firstly, Google Voice Search won’t communicate with other iOS apps like Siri does, so you can’t use it to set timers, Reminders, or alarms, or to call your mom. Also, you must have Google’s official Google Search app installed on your iOS device.

The good thing about NowNow, however, is that you can use a different Activator shortcut to use it; you’d don’t necessarily have to use Siri’s shortcut. So if you want to, you can have Siri and NowNow installed and use them both for different tasks when you see fit.

Isn’t that awesome?

NowNow is free, and you can find it now within the BigBoss repository in Cydia.

Via: AppAdvice