Tally Ho! Counting App For iPhone From Developer Of Drafts


I’ll be honest. The real reason I’m writing this post is because I get to say “Tally Ho!” in the headline, and to tell you an interesting fact about place names and exclamation points. But more on that in a second.

Tally is a new iPhone app from Agile Tortoise, the developer behind the most essential iOS app there is: Drafts. Tally is a very simple app designed to do one thing: count.

Tally is dead easy to use. So easy that you don’t even need to look at it. Tap anywhere on the screen to count up, swipe to reverse counting direction. Sounds or visual feedback confirm your counts.

If you do decide to look at the screen, you can choose to count in different steps (twos, fives etc.) instead of boring old ones, and you can swipe left and right to keep separate tallies going at once. Finally, when you’re done counting, you can send the results over to Drafts. Tally costs a mere one dollar.

And the interesting fact? Do you know the only place name in the world which contains an exclamation mark (English English for “exclamation point”)? Westward Ho!, down in North Devon, England (and don’t bother visiting. It’s by the sea, but horrible just the same. You can get some good fish and chips there, though).

Source: Tally