Startups: Here’s How To Master Keynote [Freebies]


CoM - Keynote for Startups

As someone who is involved in public speaking on a regular basis – and not being a fan of PowerPoint – I’ve really embraced Apple’s Keynote application. I’ve gleaned a ton of tips on delivering a great talk from experts like Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte, but when it comes to dealing with Keynote, I’ve had to learn in bits and pieces as I’ve gone along. In my case, I’ve had the time to learn it – and I’ve taken my time to as well. But if you’re a startup with a fresh idea that you want to get out in front of people who will pay for it, then this Cult of Mac Deals offer is just what you need.

And we’re offering this course — normally valued at $39 — for absolutely free.

This video course offers 2 hours of instruction that will take your Keynote skills to new heights. You’ll learn how to get the most out of the software, and instructor Matt Smith will walk you through the following:

  • Creating clickable prototypes
  • Building mockups
  • Producing sales videos
  • Designing animated cartoons

While you must have a Mac to use Keynote, that’s where the limitations end. In fact, you’ll be able to access this course online on Udemy forever, so you can always take refresher whenever you feel the need – like when you’re ready to make future presentations.

Keynote has proven to be a valuable ally for my own presentations, and with this Cult of Mac Deals free offer you can make it one of yours as well. You’ve got nothing to lose – and might just have a lot to gain – by grabbing this deal while it lasts.