Microsoft Office 365 available now from the Mac App Store


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Your favorite apps could soon be available on any Apple device.
Photo: Apple

Just as expected, the Microsoft Office 365 suite is now available to download from the Mac App Store.

The bundle includes six apps — including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — each of which can also be downloaded individually. They are free to obtain, but you’ll need a subscription to unlock even basic features in most of them.

Step into the digital dojo to master Microsoft Office [Deals]


Up your skills in Microsoft Office, one of the most widely-used productivity platforms.
Up your skills in Microsoft Office, one of the most widely-used productivity platforms.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

No matter where you work, Microsoft Office isn’t far away. It’s the productivity platform for countless businesses, used for word processing, spreadsheets, emails, presentations and more. So one surefire way to enhance your resume is by mastering Microsoft Office.

You can now control PowerPoint presentations with your Apple Watch


Will this be the best Watch app yet? Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

In what may be one of the most useful Apple Watch apps yet, Microsoft has added the ability for Apple Watch owners to control presentations using their brand new wearable devices.

The update to the existing PowerPoint for iPhone app allows users to switch between slides or check, with the quickest of glances, just how much time has elapsed during a talk, or the total number of slides you have left to show.

I envy the first person in each office who gets to show this off in a board meeting!

Forget PowerPoint: Deckset Is A Markdown-Powered Presentation Powerhouse


Ever been on a plane and seen some suit squished into his chair, browning his ThinkPad’s screen with his office breath and lining up some pictures and text on a PowerPoint slide? “Jeez,” you think. “Not only is this dork-o inflicting yet more PowerPain on the world, but he thinks it’s important enough to do on a plane.”

Next time you see one of these sad specimens, you might point them in the direction of Deckset, a slideshow maker that works using Markdown.