It’s Not Just You: Facebook’s iOS App Is Crashing For Many


If your Facebook app is crashing after the iOS 6.0.1 update, you’re not alone: it’s crashing for loads of other users too.

The problem, however, isn’t necessarily iOS 6.0.1. Some Twitter users are reporting that the app is crashing on them, even without upgrading to iOS 6.0.1. Deleting the app and reinstalling it or rebooting your device doesn’t seem to fix the issue.

In short, the problem seems to be something on Facebook’s end that can be fixed without issuing an app update. Just be patient, and in the meantime, log-in to Facebook using Mobile Safari.

  • iMobileRescue

    woah man. So it’s not the update? Hmm!!

  • dieselmaniac

    When has the Facebook app worked right? I think it’s the buggiest app on my iPhone. Has been for a while.

  • FriarNurgle

    Face what?

  • nikond100

    I am having no problems at all with any of my Apple devices since the update 6.0.1, Twitter, FaceBook all working correctly and as expected on the iPhone4S, iPad, iPod Touch…

  • geekmummy

    My Facebook app was crashing before the iOS 6.0.1 update. I applied the update and it’s now working again. Not the update for me then…

  • MWinNYC

    I haven’t downloaded the update yet, and Facebook has been crashing ALL DAY on my iPhone 5. In my experience, this is nothing new for Facebook. It did it a lot on iOS 5, as well. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  • zviivz

    No problems with iOS 6.0.1 update. Facebook and Twitter apps work fine on my iPhone 4S. Sounds like it could be an issue for iPhone 5 owners. Just saying.

  • Mrboojangles

    I just want to know when they are going to fix the battery issue on the iphone 5. I can sit and watch the percentage go down. Its a joke. Otherwise the phone is awesome..

  • moregravyplease

    When has the Facebook app worked right? I think it’s the buggiest app on my iPhone. Has been for a while.


  • Scott Townsend

    Face what?

    Face Plant

  • robert_walter

    Facebook never crashes for me because I don’t use it. Sucky company with sucky security, what they don’t appropriate for themselves, they seem to leave open for the hackers to steal.

  • xtopher22

    My iPhone 4 has been screwy ever since I installed the update last night (11.01.12). ALL apps are crashing randomly Mail, FourSquare, Facebook, Safari, different games, the App Store, etc. Help APPLE!!!

  • xtopher22

    I have an iPhone 4 and just updated to 6.0.1 and now ALL of my apps crash after 3-4 minutes not just Facebook. Multi-tasking doesn’t work, either. ALL the apps relaunch whether they are in the open app bar or not. Anyone else having these issues? I don’t want to restore the phone because of the PIA it will be to reload everything, but I don’t know what else to do. Please help if you can!