Paper Update Adds Every Color You Can Think Of



Paper is an iPad app which proves that you don’t need to add bells and whistles to your software if it’s well designed. Unless your app is a bell and whistle simulator, I guess.

But Paper, which won fans with its ultra-simple interface and amazingly natural brush-and-paint engine, really was a little too stripped down. The new v1.2.1 fixes that, adding custom color palettes and a very sweet new color mixer, plus support for a pressure-sensitive stylus.

Like all the brushes and pens in the original, the Mixer is an in-app purchase for the free app, costing $2. And it’s totally worth it. To make a new color you tap the Mixer and your currently-selected hue is added as a blob to the circle of color that’s already there. Spin the new blob around the circle as if it were an old video shuttle dial and the colors mix. Go back and forth to change the balance.

Like the result? Then drag it to the new palettes view. The upgrade brings a few new color-matched palettes for free, just to try out.

And if you have a Pogo Connect Bluetooth stylus, you can use that. I imagine that the developer, FiftyThree, has implemented this as well as the rest of the app, but I can’t test that until a Pogo test unit arrives.

It’s surprising just how often all you need is a place to draw something. And Paper’s simulated sheet of paper is so good that you might just find yourself doodling on it during a phone call. Go grab the update now.

Source: Blog | FiftyThree