Why Giving Jonathan Ive Too Much Power Is A Great Idea




And just like that, the old Apple is dead, and a new Apple is born. I believe you’ll see massive changes to Apple products by next summer.

Apple had to re-create its products to correct a recent string of failures, including the catastrophic Maps debacle and the ongoing train wrecks that are Siri and skeuomorphic design.

Here’s why putting Jonathan Ive in charge of software design was an insanely great idea.

(Picture courtesy of Eyevine) 

  • RadTech5000

    Future CEO someday?

  • tomp

    CoM please stop with the ‘skeuomorphic design’ bulls**it. Most people like them and if you don’t believe me, read yesterday’s reviews written for one of your colleagues articles.

  • technochick

    Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it a train wreck.

    You won’t to talk train wreck how about the cell at bug, the killing wifi bug, the music app not working properly, ‘cannot connect to the app store’ bug etc. those are a train wreck. Forstall knew better than to let those out.

  • extra_medium

    The problem is, this over saturation of pseudo-minimalism is eventually going to result in a backlash. Trends and tastes change over time, and with everyone jumping on this bandwagon, claiming it just happens to be their personal taste, and has been all their lives, really I swear, (along with everyone else) will hasten its demise I think. What the hell is jony five going to do then?

    I have a feeling it’s the vocal minority going apesh!t over this so called nightmare of skeuomorphic design (most of them probably didn’t even know what that word meant 4 months ago) while most either find it charming or couldn’t care less. I’m in group two personally, and would much rather they focus on stuff actually working correctly rather than trying placate simple minds by making sure there aren’t too many sharp angles or wavy lines in the ui to upset their delicate sensibilities.

  • ozymandius

    I have two words for you. George Lucas.

    It is never a good idea to give any one person complete control of a project, regardless of their track record, because no one person has a lock on the “best design”. Mr. Ive, though talented, is not infallible and could likely benefit from criticism and push back in the design process.