View More Of A Webpage On Your iPhone With Full Screen Safari [iOS Tips]


fullscreen safari

Using the real web on an iPhone is a wonderful thing. Apple has made their iOS browser, Safari, into a solid powerhouse of web-browsing goodness, ready to use out of the box, accessible in many ways to many kinds of people. It’s a great app.

And yet, the size of the iPhone screen, iPhone 5 included, can be a bit cramped. Add in the top address bar and the bottom button bar, and you have even less screen real estate to use for actual browsing. That’s why Apple included a new feature in iOS: full screen browsing.

Using it is simple. Turn your phone to landscape orientation and tap on the little full screen icon in the lower right. It looks like a two arrows pointing out to the corners of your device. Once tapped, Safari will hide the top address bar and the bottom button bar. You can get back to the address bar with a quick scroll to the top of the webpage.

To bring the button bar back up, tap on the little arrows pointing in in the lower right corner, and Safari will go back to normal.

Note that the full screen button only shows up when your iPhone is in landscape orientation; if you try to find it when holding your phone horizontally, you won’t.

Source: Apple