7 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Survive Hurricane Sandy [Feature]



Hurricane Sandy is supposed to slam into the East Coast today, bringing flooding and and diaster with her that hasn’t been seen in decades. New York City is already flooding and the worst hasn’t even hit yet.

Even though the iPhone does a lot of magical fun things, you can also use it to stay informed on Sandy and use a couple of apps that will help you know what to do when disaster hits. We want everyone on the East Coast to stay as safe as possible today so here are seven apps that will help you survive Sandy.

First Aid by American Cross

Hopefully you and your family and friends don’t sustain any heavy injuries during Sandy’s rage, but it’s better to be prepared than sorry. First Aid by American Red Cross is a free app that puts expert advice for emergencies in your hand. The app is full of videos that will show you how to deal with injuries and other emergencies. It even has interactive quizes so you can prep before the storm hits.



If things get really crazy in your area, you’ll need to know emergency locations and shelters. FEMA’s app will help you make sure you’re prepared for an impending natural disaster. Once Sandy is over, you can use the FEMA app to get information on how to help other people who have been hit hardest by Sandy.



Hurricane by Kitty Code is a phenomenal app that provides one of the best hurricane tracking experiences on the iPhone or iPad. It costs $2.99, but you’ll be up-to-date on Sandy’s trajectory with beautiful animated models and forecasts so you can know if the storm is going to hit you.


The Weather Channel

If you don’t want to spend money on a hurricane tracking app, then The Weather Channel app for iOS is one of the best free alternatives out there. It’s ad supported and the UI isn’t as nice as some of the paid apps, but the information is just as good.



You might lose power today thanks to Sandy’s ginormous bitch-fit. You should make sure you have a flashlight with spare batteries on hand, but if you don’t you can always use your iPhone as a flashlight. Flashlight is free and it has some nice extra features like strobe mode, built-in SOS signal, and a compass so you won’t get lost.


Emergency Radio

To find out what’s going on with the police, fire, and EMS organization in your town, you can use Emergency Radio. It costs $0.99 and gives you access to thousands of live emergency frequencies across the U.S. so you can tune in and know everything that’s going on even if your TV stops working.


Survival Guide

We don’t know how bad things are going to get once Sandy hits, but it’s not looking good so far. Survival Guide is a free app that is completely based on the U.S. Military Survival Manual. It will teach you how to purify water, build a shelter, make fire, create weapons, cook, and so much more. If things get really bad and you still have battery power, you’ll want this app.