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Apple partners with Red Cross to accept donations to fight Australia bushfires


Apple partners with Red Cross to accept donations to fight Australia bushfires
Apple made a donation back in December.
Photo: Cult of Mac / Picturesofmoney

Apple is making it easier for people to make donations to the Red Cross to help efforts in Australia as it battles back against the terrible bushfires the country has experienced.

Users can make Red Cross donations of between $5 to $200 through iTunes and the App Store. Apple is not taking any commission or processing fees for the donations, which will go entirely to charity.

Apple donates $1 million to Mexico earthquake relief


Mexico City
Search and rescue teams are still looking for people trapped under collapsed buildings.
Photo: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Flickr

Apple’s generous spirit and its bank account continue to keep on giving in light of another major disaster, this time in Mexico.

The company already donated millions of dollars to relief efforts for hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company is sending money to Mexico to help clean up the damage done by the recent earthquake.

Apple donates $5 million to hurricane relief effort


Hurricane Irma
Satellite image of Hurricane Irma.
Photo: NASA

As Florida braces for one of the biggest hurricanes ever recorded, Apple is reaching into its wallet to help provide aid to victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The iPhone-maker revealed today that it is donating $5 million to boost relief efforts for hurricane victims. The company is also making it easier for iTunes users to pitch in.

You can now donate to charities using Apple Pay


Lululemon and other retailers are offering Apple Pay deals.
Charities can now accept Apple Pay.
Photo: Apple

Donating to your favorite charity or nonprofit organization is now as simple as using Apple Pay.

Apple revealed today that it is lifting the ban that kept iOS apps from collecting funds for charities via the secure payment system. With the change, charities like the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders can now place “donate” buttons in their apps to make the payment process faster than ever, which will hopefully increase donations.

8 apps that will help you survive Snowmageddon 2015


Winter is coming. Photo: Roey Ahram/Flickr
Winter is coming. Photo: Roey Ahram/Flickr

The biggest snowstorm to ever hit New York City is pounding the Northeast today, and it doesn’t look like the blizzard is going to let up any time soon.

More than 2 feet of snow are expected to hit the area. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has already canceled school for tomorrow and the state announced all highways will be closed by midnight tonight. But before you hole up with your loved ones for the next few days, make sure to download these eight apps that will help you make it out alive.

AT&T Says It Will Wave Overage Charges For Victims Of The Oklahoma Tornado



After Oklahoma City was ravaged by a tornado yesterday where 91 souls lost their lives, AT&T has announced that it will be waving all voice, data, and text overage charges for victims of the tornado.

The tornado system was reported to be one mile wide as it ripped through parts of Oklahoma City Monday afternoon as it left a colossal amount of devastation in its wake.

Help Superstorm Sandy Survivors By Making A Donation To The American Red Cross Via iTunes


You can now donate to the American Red Cross via the iOS App Store.
You can now donate to the American Red Cross via the iOS App Store.

You can now help Superstorm Sandy survivors by making a donation to the American Red Cross via iTunes and the App Store on your Mac or iOS device. Apple is accepting donations of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200 — and 100% of your contribution goes straight to the Red Cross.

7 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Survive Hurricane Sandy [Feature]



Hurricane Sandy is supposed to slam into the East Coast today, bringing flooding and and diaster with her that hasn’t been seen in decades. New York City is already flooding and the worst hasn’t even hit yet.

Even though the iPhone does a lot of magical fun things, you can also use it to stay informed on Sandy and use a couple of apps that will help you know what to do when disaster hits. We want everyone on the East Coast to stay as safe as possible today so here are seven apps that will help you survive Sandy.