Apple’s White iPad Mini Sold Out Within Minutes, Now Ships In Two Weeks


After a white iPad mini? You'll need to go into store if you want one on launch day.
After a white iPad mini? You'll need to go into store if you want one on launch day.

When Apple began accepting pre-orders for the iPad mini at 12 a.m. Pacific, I visited the store a few times to see how quickly it sold out. I didn’t buy one; I have a third-generation iPad and decided I don’t need another one. But I was curious.

To my surprise, at 12:03 a.m. Pacific, the white iPad mini had already sold out in the United Kingdom. Only the black model was available for November 2 delivery. And just over ten minutes later, it was a similar story for Apple’s U.S. online store.

It’s hard to tell at this point whether that’s due to high demand of the white model, or just severely constrained supplies. But I’m starting to believe it’s the latter, because more than four hours after the iPad mini first went on sale, the black model is still available for launch day delivery.

What’s more, the iPad mini with LTE isn’t available for delivery until mid-November — and that’s been the case since Apple began accepting pre-orders.

It looks like the Cupertino company may not have made enough.

If you’re adamant you want a white iPad mini, the only way to secure one on launch day now would be to visit your local Apple retail store and pray they have one left for you.

Source: Apple

  • plaztiksoundz

    In Portugal both black and white started with the 2 weeks availability from the start. I ordered around 8:03am GMT. I got 2 weeks availability, and a delivery date set to 26th of November. Sucks…

  • uk_john

    In UK placed my order for ipad mini 16gb white in the first minute, had email confirmation at 8:01, stating delivery 2 weeks.

    I don’t think there was any stock at all for UK delivery for 2 November.

    Delivery 16th. November !

  • Steffen Jobbs

    Severely constrained supplies keeps causing backlogs for Apple across their whole product line. It has little to do with high product demand. Apple’s weak quarterly iPad sales numbers indicate that much.

  • ScotHibb

    But, just like every other release, look up a Sprint Store in a “depressed” town and they will have plenty of them for you. iPhone 5 is still on back-order through apple by 3-4 weeks on all models, but you can walk into a Sprint store and take your pick. Same thing with the iPad 3, the day after it shipped you could get one from an Apple Store, especially in rural or “bad” areas, or at a WalMart.

  • shade/ohio

    who cars about the mini when you have the bigger ipad ?

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I got my order in for a white 16 GB at 1:00 am Mountain Time and a black 16 GB at 1:01 am Mountain Time. I used the Apple store App and was able to order both of mine before the website was live on my macbook pro. The ordering process was as smooth as could be on the App since I had it set up for express checkout. I couldn’t be happier – I got one for me, and one for my wife and both say they are available to deliver on 11/2!

  • funkyfreshnl

    In Canada I placed my order at 2:30mins past midnight for the White 16gb. Showed ship date of 2wks. Phoned Apple today and complained and they zeroed out the cost of the smart cover I had also ordered. Apple Canada online store still shows deliver date of 11/2-11/6 for Black 16gb, but ships 2wks for White 16gb.