Apple diversity report shows the company is still white and male


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Apple is pledging to do more on the diversity front.
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Apple’s new video published this afternoon is a celebration of diversity, but according to a recent government filing, the company still has a long way to go before it can really call itself inclusive.

Over 80% of Apple’s senior ranking officials are white males, based on Apple’s updated Inclusion and Diversity report. Most of the numbers are stagnant compared to 2016, but there are a few spots to be proud of.

Matte black iPhone 7 is vulnerable to chipping


Has your iPhone 7 started chipping yet?
Photo: Trplsn

Some iPhone 7 owners are reporting that the black matte finish on their handset has started chipping away, leaving bare aluminum exposed.

It seems the larger iPhone 7 Plus is more susceptible to the problem, which some users are experiencing despite having always used a case. Apple says the issue is purely cosmetic.

Fujifilm X100S, Now Available In Black [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug The Fujifilm X100S aka The Best Camera I Ever Owned aka The Only Leica A Photographer Can Afford is now available in black. And unlike the overpriced special edition black X100, the black X100S is neither a special edition nor more expensive – it’s just a regular alternative colorway for the camera.

Apple’s White iPad Mini Sold Out Within Minutes, Now Ships In Two Weeks


After a white iPad mini? You'll need to go into store if you want one on launch day.
After a white iPad mini? You'll need to go into store if you want one on launch day.

When Apple began accepting pre-orders for the iPad mini at 12 a.m. Pacific, I visited the store a few times to see how quickly it sold out. I didn’t buy one; I have a third-generation iPad and decided I don’t need another one. But I was curious.

To my surprise, at 12:03 a.m. Pacific, the white iPad mini had already sold out in the United Kingdom. Only the black model was available for November 2 delivery. And just over ten minutes later, it was a similar story for Apple’s U.S. online store.

New iPad Shipping Delay Reduced To 7 Days In Europe


New iPad orders are down to 7 days in Europe, but it's still quicker to visit a store.
New iPad orders are down to 7 days in Europe, but it's still quicker to visit a store.

Despite its focus on a speedy international rollout for the new iPad, which has seen the tablet hit 57 countries in just over one month, Apple is still keeping on top of demand and working to reduce shipping delays in its initial launch territories. After delays dropped to just 3-5 days in the United States last week, customers in Europe are now facing a wait of just 7 days.

Black Screen Of Death Plagues Some Mac Users After Lion Update



Apple is allegedly investigating complaints from some Mac OS X Lion users about system crashes related to graphics or sleep/wake issues on various Macs. Users that complain about the problem say that a person will see their Mac suddenly crash and display a black screen or a kernel panic. One common situation surrounding the problem is that some sort of graphics event is taking place or that the crash may take place when the computer wakes from sleep.

New aTV Flash is a Black Tie Affair



FireCore, makers of aTV Flash, a popular commercially available hack for the original Apple TV have announced a Mac OS X only public beta for the next generation Apple TV hack.

The new hack, aTV Flash (black), only works with Apple’s second generation Apple TV running iOS 4.0. That’s unfortunate since most of us have already updated to iOS 4.1, but an update to support that version of iOS is coming soon. This renders the beta completely useless for most of us, myself included, making the release of this public beta a bit awkward and ill-timed.