Ace Case Pointlessly Protects iPhone Camera



The iPhone’s camera is a little wonder, not least in its actual physical manifestation. The tiny lens is now capped with a crystal cover made from the same scratch-shrugging glass used for high-end watches. And all it takes to clean off the daily gunk is a quick rub on your pants leg.

But that hasn’t stopped the folks at Ace Display (ace name, BTW!) from designing a redundant case to protect and clean that same lens.

Putting a cover over the sapphire crystal lens is like leaving that peel-off blue plastic in place when you buy a new suit of armor, but that’s what the Camera Cleaning iPhone Case does (clearly the nomenclatural geniuses at Ace ran out of steam after naming the company).

It’s a regular plastic shell-style case, with a slide-open hatch at the back. This pops up to obscure the iPhone’s super-tough lens, completely negating the quick-access phone slider on the lock screen. It does, though, have a grease-gobbling microfiber lining, so you never need to wear pants again — a neat bonus I think you’ll agree.

Now, this may well turn out to be just a concept design (not that you’d ever buy it anyway, being a red-blooded, pants-wearing, bareback-iPhone-using, gun-toting ‘merican), but Ace is a company that does actually make and sell real plastic objects, so you never know.

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Via: Yanko Design

  • dcj001

    I clicked on the link to go the vendor’s website, and I received a warning about malware.