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Noteshelf For iPad Supports Pressure-Sensitive Styluses, Adds New Pens And Palettes



Noteshelf, the iPad’s best handwritten note-taking app, is now even better. V7.0 adds new pens, customs colors and support for pressure-sensitive styluses. If you already own Noteshelf, you likely already downloaded it with great excitement over the weekend. If not, what are you waiting for?

Here’s the official list of changes:

  • New Writing Tools: Calligraphy style ink pens and pencils
  • Custom covers: Create notebook covers from your own photos
  • Custom pen colors: Long-press on any pen to change its color
  • integration: choose from millions of online pallets for your pens
  • More expressive inking
  • Improved landscape notebook support including thumbnails and exports in landscape
  • More flexible page thumbnail view
  • Support for pressure sensitive styli: Adonit Jot Touch, Pogo Connect and Hex Jaja styli. Visit our website for discount offers on these products.

The custom colors are great, and you can create your own palettes and assign colors more or less permanently to the pens and pencils in the app. The pens and pencils even change color in their drawer to make for a very easy-to-use pencil box.

Wait. Did I just say ‘pencils?’ Why, yes I did. Now you don’t have to stick with the boring old pen. Noteshelf now has pencils and a calligraphy pen to pick from, and the pencil in particular is pretty awesome. It has a feel easily as good as the pencil tool in the Paper app, letting you build up density as you scribble. The pencil shines particularly when you use it with the new colors, and of course with the pressure-sensitive styluses.

As you see on the list, you can now hook up the Adonit Jot Touch, Pogo Connect and Hex Jaja styluses. The first two are Bluetooth, the last uses high-frequency sound (we’ll be publishing the review of the JaJa this Thursday).

Noteshelf supports the extra buttons on these styluses, letting you assign ink selection, or page turning, and of course undo/redo. With the JaJa it works great, and the pencil really comes to life with a pressure-sensitive line. The support also works in the close-up, zoomed text input view, making your handwritten text as good as real ink on paper. Better, in fact, as you can undo mistakes and e-mail the results.

There are other tweaks too, but the color palettes and new pencil/pen are worth the update, and if you have a stylus you should grab this right now — as far as I know it’s the only writing app to currently support them.

The price? A mere $6, or half the price of a Moleskine notebook.

Source: Fluid Touch