MagFilters: iPhone-Like Magnetic Filters For Compact Cameras



MagFilters are — surprise! — filters for your compact camera which are attached to the lens by magnets. Unlike SLRs and other interchangeable-lens cameras, compacts lack the interior thread on their lens which lets you attach these light modifiers, so MagFilters take a leaf out of the iPhoneographers book instead.

Buy a kit and you get a ring and a filter. Just like the magnetic donuts for iPhones and iPads, the ring has an adhesive coating on one side to stick it into place. The filter right now is a circular polarizer, which — as we already know – is one of only a few (non-gimmicky) filters whose effect can’t be mimicked in post. The other is a neutral-density filter (which cuts out light), and one of these is the next planned product in the MagFilter lineup.

There are two sizes (36mm and 42mm), which will fit pocket cameras like the Canon S100 and bigger ones (like Sony’s new RX100). The kits will cost $25 and $27, depending on size, which sounds like a bargain.

Source: MagFilter

Via: PetaPixel

  • MrsCleaver

    Thanks for this information.

    Lensmate was one of the first to offer a magnetic filter like this, one that fit the Canon S series of cameras. I purchased and used one for my Canon S-95. While it worked well, it was prone to being unintentionally twisted off. After losing two filters AND the carriers, I bailed. Later, Lensmate adopted a different strategy, opting for a more secure friction-fit. Now I use the Lensmate with an ND and polarizer often on the S95, and have yet to lose a filter. The magnet concept is great, but it better be very strong, or loss of expensive filters could occur.

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