Use A Shared Photo Stream To Send Photos Only To A Specific Group Of People [iOS Tips]


Shared Photo Stream

We constantly share our snapshots from our iPhones to Twitter and Facebook, we send them via e-mail and iMessage, print them from our phones, and even share them to group sites like Picasa and Flickr. It’s a veritable frenzy of photo sharing!

It’s all really amazing and fun, of course, but what about those times we just want to share our photos with a select group of friends or family members? Setting up special lists in Facebook or Flickr can be unintuitive and tricky, so chances are good that it doesn’t happen that often.

Luckily, Apple’s got shared Photo Streams in the new iOS 6, and it’s fairly straightforward to set up. Here’s how.

Launch your Photos app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and then tap on the Photo Stream button in the bottom center of the screen. Tap on the Plus button in the upper left, and you’ll get the Photo Stream creation screen. Type a name or several names of people you want to share this Photo Stream with in the To: field, then name the Photo Stream in the field below. Finally, toggle the Public Website option to ON if you want anyone tobe able to view this stream on Tap on the Create button to make your new, empty Photo Stream.

Now, tap on the Photo Stream you created and then tap on the Edit button in the upper right fo the Photo Stream screen. Tap on Add at the bottom, there, and then choose the photo or photos you want to add to the shared Photo Stream. Tap the Done button when you’re finished, and you’ll finally have a way to share photos you’ve taken with specific folks that you choose to. When you want to add more, simply tap the Edit button again, and Add more photos to the shared Photo Stream. The people you’ve shared with will see the new additions on their devices, as well.

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  • gnomehole

    I’d like to see more behind this feature… adding/removing members of a stream, what happens to photos on their devices when they are removed, copying photos between a shared stream and the device, adding users who have iPhoto but not an iOS device (possible?) etc.

    Shared photostreams are one very powerful feature that I don’t think people even realize.

  • Hawk_Ky

    I just want the ability to have multiple people add photos to the same stream. Why cant my family and I make a stream for all of us to upload our pictures to?

  • djkikrome

    Gallery must much easier and offered more accessibility to your shared users. Bring back gallery.

  • Mediafl3x

    Hi Guys, any idea how to remove a stream?