Posable Cameras Scan Documents Straight Into Evernote



IPEVO’s USB document cameras are a weird kind of hybrid product. Or anti-hybrid, maybe? To scan documents and digitize them, you’d usually use either a sheet-feed scanner, or the camera in your iPhone/iPad.

The Point 2 View and Ziggi cameras sit on your desk — like dedicated scanners — but snap the documents using cameras, like your iPhone.

The Point 2 View is $69 and looks like an Angle-poise lamp, complete with weighted base and jointed arm for reaching over the top of a flat sheet of paper. The 2.0MP camera has autofocus, and a hardware button triggers it for quickly powering through a pile of pages. You can even use it as an overhead projector, if you have a projector.

The Ziggi has the same camera, but in a less portable, but more flexible body. It costs $89.

Both cameras can be used with their own software, but now you can also hit a button and send your scans straight to Evernote, whereupon the text and handwriting will be OCR’d and ready for full-text searching.

I’ll stick to my iPad-and-old-white-lampshade setup, which I am currently perfecting and preparing to write up for you this coming Monday (mark it in your diaries! And keep an eye out for old white lampshades or plastic mixing bowls so you can follow along).

But if you have a lot of junk you need to digitize in a hurry, and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a scanner, the the $69 P2V looks pretty ideal.
Source: IPEVO

Via: Evernote Blogcast

  • krabbie

    How about a link to the website so we can see both items?

  • Visualedtech

    KenAVision has released a new FREE document camera iPad APP for its line of document cameras and digital microscopes.
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    The initial APP is for Apple products, however a Widows based platform is being developed and an Android APP will be released soon. These advances will greatly enhance a BYOD program in your schools. The Kenavison FlexCam2, has a 5 year warranty and provides plug and play compatibility with the EduCam APP and includes teh AppliedVision4 software.Visualedtech