Giant Hand Monument To Steve Jobs Unveiled In Ukraine [Gallery]



Since his death in 2011, countless pieces of art have been created in memory of Steve Jobs and his work at Apple, but this is one of the neatest statues we’ve seen that has been dedicated to the Apple co-founder.

Crafted by Ukranian artist, Cryil Maksimenko, the monument was installed in Odessa Ukraine on the one year anniversary of Steve Jobs’s death. It’s comprised of numerous gears, screws, bearings and other pieces from bicycles, motorcycles and cars, which looks fascinating when you look at it up close. Take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself.





Source: UkraineTrek


  • rebo

    Gives new meaning to the term “hand Jobs”.

  • bdkennedy

    My first reaction was to puke in my mouth a lot. Then I read “Ukraine” and I was like, OK.

  • dR435t4

    Anyone else notice that the proportion and the positioning of the thumb is off?

  • ??????? ?????????

    His name is not Cryil, it’s Kirill

  • Len Williams

    It’s an interesting idea and I like the closeups showing how all the parts are fitted and welded together. It must have taken a LOT of work, however, I fail to see the symbology in the hand as a tribute to Steve. I could stretch the analogy to find some type of connection, but it would have been a far stronger and more logical statement if:

    1. The hand had been outstretched with a Mac or iPhone on it… as Steve’s gift to the world at large, or

    2. The sculpture would have been of a bust of Steve using the same killer gears and welding technique.

    The upraised hand doesn’t give a clear and iconic meaning at all. Is it waiving goodbye? Is it saying “stop”? The artist has done a good technical job of creating the mechanical parts of the sculpture, but he should have spent more time creating a sculpture that had a clearer message. I don’t find the upraised hand with the Apple logo cutout communicates anything but a confused idea, and not one that relates to Steve or his contributions to the computer/digital electronics fields.