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Send aid to Ukraine for chance to win rare WWDC19 pin


Send aid to Ukraine for chance to win rare WWDC19 pin
This WWDC 2019 pin could be yours if you donate to a Ukrainian aid fund.
Photo: Sergii Kryvoblotsky

Sergii Kryvoblotsky, head of R&D at MacPaw, is raffling off a Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 pin to raise money for Ukrainian aid.

The money raised will go to the MacPaw Development Fund to provide Ukrainian defenders with medicine and protective equipment.

WWDC22 predictions and those disappointing M1 Ultra speed tests [The CultCast]


The CultCast Apple podcast: We have a date for WWDC22! Our WWDC22 predictions, M1 Ultra speed tests and more.
Our big peek into Apple's future plans is just two months away!
Image: Killian Bell
WWDC22 - Brought to you by CleanMyMac X

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: We’ve got a date for WWDC22! Now, the only question is, what tricks will Apple pull out of its virtual hat this year?

Also on The CultCast:

  • Is Apple’s M1 Ultra chip ultra-disappointing? The first speed tests look underwhelming.
  • The latest on Apple’s quest to develop a folding iPhone.
  • Ukrainians use Find My to locate thieving Russian troops.

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Ukrainians use ‘Find My’ to track Russian troops who stole devices


Find My AirPods can also track Russian troops.
Find My AirPods can also track Russian troops.
Photo: Franak Viačorka

Ukrainians have turned to Apple’s Find My device-tracking technology to follow Russian troop movements. After Russian soldiers stole Apple gear during the invasion, the devices’ Ukrainian owners can see and report on where the troops toting the gadgets are going in real time, including a recent retreat into Belarus.

MacPaw’s SpyBuster helps you weed out Mac apps reporting to Russia


SpyBuster stops apps reporting to Russia
It's completely free to use.
Image: MacPaw

Ukrainian developer MacPaw today released SpyBuster, a new (and completely free!) Mac app that identifies software built by and reporting to “undesirable countries of origin” — such as Russia and Belarus.

SpyBuster also lets you block those connections so that you can prevent additional data being sent to overseas servers, where it may not be protected by the same privacy laws that we’re accustomed to in other countries.

How to donate to help Ukraine


Donate to help Ukraine
Do what you can to help.
Photo: Benjamin Marder/Unsplash

As Ukraine valiantly fights off a terrifying and unjustified Russian invasion, some 1.5 million of its citizens have been forced to flee in search of safety. More than 38.5 million have stayed behind — many of them to fight for their country — and a growing number are now without water, power and food.

Some are working in their bath tubs — the safest place in their homes — while others are sheltering underground as the cities around them are bombarded by Russian missiles and turned into ruble. It is a crisis, the likes of which Europe didn’t think it would have to endure again after World War II.

Ukrainians need all the help they can get. If you want to do your bit, you can donate to one of many charities that are now working to support citizens by providing food and water, blankets and clothes, and other essential supplies. Here’s how to get started.

Putin threatens companies like Apple that quit Russia


Putin threatens to nationalize assets left in Russia by companies like Apple
Any Apple computers left in Russia could become the property of the Russian government.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Russia is considering nationalizing the assets of companies like Apple that pulled out of the country in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s leader, reportedly endorsed the plan on Thursday. The Mac-maker is just one of hundreds of companies that could be affected, but it’s a prominent one.

It’s not known how much inventory Apple left behind after it pulled out of Russia on March 1.

MacPaw Foundation steps up support for Ukraine and needs your help


MacPaw steps up efforts to help Ukraine
Whatever you can donate will make a difference.
Image: MacPaw

Our friends at MacPaw are stepping up efforts to help provide humanitarian support in Ukraine. While the horrifying Russian invasion continues, the MacPaw Development Foundation is working with partners on the ground to transport, store, and deliver as much aid as it possibly can, as quick as it possibly can.

It is hoping to raise more funds to speed up the process and provide even more — and it needs your help.

Tim Cook wears Ukrainian colors during Peek Performance event


Tim Cook in Ukrainian colors during the Peek Performance event
Tim Cook wears the colors of the Ukrainian national flag during the Peek Performance event.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t often wear colorful Apple watch bands, but he made an exception during Apple’s Peek Performance event on Tuesday.

Cook emceed the event wearing an eye-catching yellow Sport band. Paired with his blue sweater, Cook seemed to be making a subtle gesture of support for the embattled country (yellow and blue are the colors of the Ukrainian national flag).

A sneak peek at Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event [The CultCast]


Apple Peek Performance event predictions March 8: Here comes the first new Apple gear of 2022.
Here comes the first new Apple gear of 2022.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: We can’t stop speculating about what new Apple gear we’ll see at Tuesday’s big “Peek Performance” event. Best bets are iPhone SE, iPad Air and … some kind of Mac?

Also on The CultCast:

  • Will this really be a big year for Apple Watch?
  • Apple punishes Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.
  • Social media gets gory during wartime.

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