Get 9 Mac apps to breathe new life into your machine for just $26 [Deals]


The 2020 Mac Productivity Essentials Bundle
These nine productivity Mac apps will make it easier to work from home.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether your Mac is new or well into its useful life, you can breathe fresh life into it when you add the right apps. This massive bundle from Cult of Mac Deals comes with nine Mac apps, so there’s something for anyone.

The 2020 Mac Productivity Essentials Bundle comes with apps for PDFs, graphics, productivity, VPN protection and more. And you can get them all for just $26 if you use our special promo code.

Massive app bundles, lifelong VPN protection and more [Month’s Best Deals]


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Get access to a massive library of Mac apps, comprehensive VPN protection, and lots more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

This year is off to a stressful start for many people, making the awesome gear and gadgets we get into the Cult of Mac Store every week a welcome relief.

As March comes to an end, we’ve gathered some of the best deals we’ve seen this month. They include a massive bundle of top-shelf Mac apps; a set of extra-long, MFi-certified Lightning cables; a powerful tool for unlocking PDFs; and a lifetime of VPN protection. There’s something here for everybody!

Create Stunning Websites With The Web Dev Power Pack Bundle [Deals]



Remember how I was talking recently (like, umm, yesterday) about getting good tools in your toolkit? Apps that you might not need right now, but you’ll certainly need later? Not to mention that the apps (or bundle) are at a great price. Right. Well today is another of those times/deals—The Web Dev Power Pack Bundle: Get Three Mac Apps + 1,001 Design Assets That Will Turn You Into a Master Web Developer.

You get three solid apps plus a ton of clip art (don’t think for a moment that you won’t need some clip art at some point) for $89. It’s a nice, and inexpensive, way to get a solid dev environment started.

Crossover IX Bundle 10 Hardworking Apps For $50! [Ends Tomorrow]


crossover 640

I know it’s a slow news day and all. Not like anything was announced or anything…

Anyway, let’s talk Windows. Since we got BootCamp way, way back … and then Parallels and VMWare Fusion (and before that anyone remember the Orange cards you’d install to run Windows on a Mac?) Mac users have been trying to find the best way to run Windows apps on their Macs. Yeah we love our Macs, but sometimes we have to use a Windows app. Personally I’ve always gone the Parallels/VMWare route, I’ve tried Wine a couple times but it couldn’t run the apps I wanted/needed. Now there’s a commercialized version of Wine called Crossover XI and guess what? It’s part of a new bundle we’ve got!

Mac Variety Bundle 8 Apps For $39 [Deals-Ends Today!]



Last chance folks, this deal ends today!

We have another great bundle for you today. This bundle includes 8 great apps:
– PDF Editor Pro (edit and enhance your PDFs with optical character recognition.)
– CrossOverXI (run Windows applications on your Intel Mac.)
– Invoice 3 (create and manage your invoices.)
– Fantashow (making your own movie has never been easier)
– Logoist (create logos, title art, icons, banners, web site elements, greeting card headings and more.)
– iClip (get past the limitations of a single clipboard)
– Speed Download 5 (speed up your download times so you can get your assets faster.)
– My Living Desktop (monitor your Mac for possible security infringements.)

While all the apps are great there is one that stands out for me as the “killer app” for me: PDF Editor Pro. So what makes it great? Read on…

The Mac Variety Bundle