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Consumer Reports Says The iPhone 5 Is A ‘Winner’ And Apple Maps Aren’t That Bad



The advocacy group Consumer Reports wasn’t too friendly toward the iPhone 4, even after Apple offered free bumpers. They didn’t even like the iPhone 4S either. But with the iPhone 5 they’re changing their tune and saying that the iPhone is “among the best smartphones in our Ratings and the best iPhone yet.”

After conducting a series of tests on the iPhone 5, Consumer Reports concluded that the iPhone 5 doesn’t just surpass the iPhone 4S but also a number of other Android smartphones. They even said that despite the widespread criticism its received, Apple Maps is “competent enough.”

“A larger, 4-inch display; a thinner and lighter profile; 4G LTE access; and a host of innovative features all helped the iPhone 5 move up in the ranks, surpassing not only the previous iPhone 4S but also a number of other new Android-based smart phones.”

Consumer Reports also says that other than the Nokia 808, the iPhone 5’s 8-megapixel camera is the best they’ve seen on a smartphone, but they didn’t find that low-light performance has noticeably improved.


Source: Consumer Reports