The Lightning Dock Is The iPhone 5 Dock Apple Won’t Sell You



How things have changed. Five years ago, Apple shipped every iPhone with a dock; now, they claim that no one uses one, and aren’t offering an official iPhone 5 dock at all.

Luckily, you now have an option. Coming in an attractive hardwood version or a choice of either regular or black aluminum, the Lightning Dock is a no-fuss, no-frills dock that works with or without a case and depends on the incredible strength of the new Lightning Connector to keep the iPhone upright.

It also works with the new fifth-generation iPod touch, and it’s pretty cheap: the hardwood version will only cost you $24.95, while the aluminum version is $10 more. That’s without an included Lightning cable: if you want them to ship you one, it’ll cost $20 more.

Source: Lightning Dock
Via: iMore

  • Alberto Hernandez

    I want to see an iPad docking with the tiny lightning port. Will be interesting.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Looks like the connector could snap off easily and then stay lodged in the phone.

  • Tim Meesseman

    Interesting that they’ll sell you a lightning cable for $20. That’s basicaly at cost.

  • Tim Meesseman

    Looks like the connector could snap off easily and then stay lodged in the phone.

    No need to worry. They say it’s strong enough but offer a back rest for those who want it.

  • Kiril Jakimovski

    I like the Completdock on Kickstarter much better. It’s more rigid and has better support plus it fits my iPad.

  • ajalwan

    Do not do business with this company. I placed my order on October 5th when shipping was advertised to be 7-10 days. On October 19th I received and email that shipping was pushed by 2-3 weeks, now I just received another email yesterday that shipping was pushed back an additional 7-10 days. I replied that the new shipping estimate was unacceptable and that my money be refunded immediately. I have not heard back from them yet.

  • dustcase

    I ordered this in October.

    I got an email last week stating I could get a refund as the wood model I ordered wasn’t available or they could send the aluminum at no extra charge not would ship next week…

    Well today I get another email saying I could get 15% off the aluminum or a refund.

    I asked what gives, and they send a refund without answering.

    I then get an email saying to follow today’s email (ie last weeks email was for nothing).

    Bummed to have no dock after eagerly awaiting it all this time, and that I showed my friends and they ordered from them.

  • hopebroker

    sadly the company is not quite ready for prime time. I ordered like everyone else, got the email explaining they couldn’t ship, then another email giving my money back with no way to order any of the products.