Gridditor, An iOS Image Editor From The Future



You know those old-style video demos which presented images as an endless wall, and your point of view was that of a tiny creature as the wall sped past you? Gridditor is that, only its also an iPad photo editing app.

Tap to pick a photo from your library and you’ll see it multiplied many times over. You choose an effect for each side of the grid — top, bottom, left, right — and then start scrolling. The farther you go in any direction, the stronger the effect, and moving around you can see the combined effects of up to four filters depending on your position.

Tap an image to enlarge it, and if you choose it, it becomes the master image and you can start over.

There is something of the Escher about this, as you dive deeper and deeper into a never-ending edit-hole.

It’s a fantastic app, and a great new take on adding filters to images — much more intuitive and suited to the touch-screen that any number of Photoshop clones. It is also Universal, and right now it costs just $1. You’d be a fool not to buy it. iOS

Source: Gridditor