Use HTML In Your iOS 6 Email Signature [iOS Tips]


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Cult of Mac reader, Scott, asks this week:

“I would like to find out how to create a hyperlink in my Sig using my iPad. Example: Find me on twitter ( with twitter being a hyperlink taking them to my home page.”

I’ve shown you how to use Emoji in your signature, taking advantage of the rich text abilities of iOS 5 and up, but iOS 6 adds HTML support for signatures. Now you can put any rendered HTML into your signature on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Here’s how.

The easy way to do this is to download an app to your iOS device: Nitro HTML. It’s a decent little HTML editor for the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch, and it’s free, so you can’t lose.

The app comes with an example HTML “page,” but you can start from scratch. First, launch the app and tap on the More button in the upper right. Tap on New Page to get a basic HTML page to start with. Give it a name, and confirm with a tap. The app will give you a basic page with “Hello World!” in it. The Split view shows the HTML code on the top, and the rendered web page on the bottom.

Now all you need to do is delete the words, “Hello World!” and type in your name there. Then move the cursor to the other side of the rightmost </b> tag. You might want to tap on the </> HTML button at the top for more easy selection and cursor movement. Once you have the cursor at the end of the line, tap the Insert button at the top of the screen, and choose Horizontal Line. Then tap Insert again and choose “Hyperlink.”

Put your URL in between the quotation marks, right after the <a href= area. So, for this website, you’d type <a href="">. Then, delete the placeholder text that says Hyperlinked Text and replace with the name of your link (Cult of Mac). Now the code should read:

<b>Your Name</b><hr />
<a href=""
>Cult of Mac</a>

You can use any HTML you want here, of course, so if you have fancy HTML skills, feel free to type it in. Once you’ve finished your HTML coding, tap on the Page button at the top of the screen to render it out. Tap and hold on the screen to highlight the web page. Tap on Copy at the bottom of the screen, and then launch your Settings app.

Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then scroll down to the Signature area. Tap there to bring up the signatures for all your accounts. Tap into the field under the account you want to put the HTML signature in, and tap, hold, and paste.

Boom! You’re HTML signature-ified. For reals!

Thanks, Brad! 

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  • pogdaddle

    Tried it. Rendered page in NitroHTML won’t copy. Am I missing something?

  • sheetheadj

    “Once you’ve finished your HTML coding, tap on the Page button at the top of the screen to render it out. Tap and hold on the screen to highlight the web page. Tap on Copy at the bottom of the screen, and then launch your Settings app.”

    pogdaddle – be sure to *not* tap and hold the actual link. tap and hold an empty area on the screen, and you should see the whole page bordered with the blue sizing dots, and “Copy” as the only selectable option for the highlighted area. Click copy and then go into Settings and the Signatures field, and it should copy ok. I just tried and it worked perfectly for me.

  • benjaminamyers

    I’m a web developer by profession and consider myself a very savvy HTML programmer. I used NitroHTML and pasted it all in to my signature but when I compose a new message the signature types out all of the HTML tags into the body of my message. Am I missing something?

  • cmark00

    Benjamin – had the same problem. You need to copy the rendered page from NitroHTML and paste into the signature block in settings.

  • Glynne

    I was able to do this reasonably successfully. A couple of issues though:
    – I tried to include colored text, but when I pasted into the Signature panel, it changed it to black
    – the font sizes for the signature field change depending on when I create a new email, versus replying/forwarding emails. A new email includes the signature field with the correct font size, whereas a reply/forward increases the font sizes by at least 2 points (e.g. from size 10 to 12, which makes it look a lot less attractive).

    Any ideas?

  • RFocus

    Make it easy for yourself go to a desktop and email yourself. Go to new mail hyperlink tab and enter you can even add an auto subject by Then add what you want the link to say and email it to your idevice. Highlight the text (NOT HOLD AND COPY) just highlight and copy and past to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, sig box under settings. No need to download anything or have that ugly blue taking up space besides that people don’t need to see it, color and font size works this way as well.

  • Jackaws

    I used the app perfectly. Copied and pasted my Linkedin email signature into one of my 3 signatures on the iPhone. Trouble is, the signature must be too wide for the iPhone format as it ‘squashes’ itself (from left to right) and the type re-flows. Any suggestions.Can the programming be tweaked to allow it to fit?

    By the way, I know absolutely nothing about html programming. Just thought I’d say. ;o)