Apple Granted Patent For Steve Jobs’s Controversial iTunes Logo



The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent that covers its controversial iTunes logo that first made its debut with iTunes 10 in September 2010. The company’s late co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs is credited as one of the logo’s designers, and the patent covering its design first filed for in October last year.

The logo in question received heaps of criticism when it first launched alongside iTunes 10. While some of us — me included — welcomed the design change, others despised it. So much so that designers emailed Jobs to tell him how they felt about it, and websites began publishing tutorials on how to revert to the old icon.

A parody account was also set up on Twitter to broadcast witty messages defending the new icon, with tweets like: “Everyone’s so quick to judge me. I don’t judge you and that shitty, hipster music you listen to.”

But now that we’ve lived with the new icon for a year, it seems most of have grown to love — or at least accept — it. And let’s face it, there are worse icons for media players out there.

Via: Patently Apple

  • bdkennedy

    Apple is up to something. They like to test little things out like using iTunes to test new UI designs. Remember when it was the only app with brushed metal? The iTunes icon is round and Apple has also started using round icons on the iPod Nano and the login screen of OS X.

  • Steffen Jobbs

    Why should anyone give a damn? It’s just an icon. Who really looks at it for any length of time? My dock is set to hide and I rarely ever see the icon except for a second or two. Designers actually wasted their time complaining to Steve Jobs about the icon? Jeez. What a bunch of fruitcakes.

  • CharilaosMulder

    to be honest, I like the icon but I find the round form factor rather boring, especially compared to most other app icons in launchpad

  • iSteve

    The icon, Steve created defines well the philosophy of iTunes and it’s really beautiful.

    what the f*** about not liking the icon?

  • hanhothi

    Patented or Trademarked? Not to quibble, (perhaps I am) but I suspect the latter.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    I don’t think you can patent an Icon. Trademarked? Copyrighted maybe?

  • carloborja

    I don’t think the Windows Media Player Icon is that bad either. Or, maybe I just don’t really care about it anymore.