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Chinese clothing company sues Apple over App Store logo


Kon vs. Apple
Spot the difference?
Photo illustration: Kon/Apple

Apple is facing a lawsuit in China from a local clothing brand, which argues that Apple is infringing on its design trademark with its logo for App Store.

Apple changed the icon for the App Store in August this year — jettisoning the previous image showing a ruler, pencil and paintbrush crossing over to form an “A” shape, in favor of a simplified version of the same image. Unfortunately, clothing brand Kon has been using a similar image dating back to 2009, supposed to show skeletons bones symbolizing triumph over death.

Only 1 in 5 people can accurately draw the Apple logo


That's a whole lot of logo fails.
Photo: Branded in Memory

As the world’s most valuable company, with one of the most recognizable logos in corporate history, you’d think that most people would be capable of drawing the Apple symbol with some degree of accuracy. Especially since it appears on the devices that millions of us carry in our pockets every day.

In fact, a new survey called Branded in Memory shows that more people get the Apple logo wrong than get it right when sketching it out. Check out the most common mistakes below.

Face ID logo resurrects a classic Macintosh icon


The iPhone X's FaceID feature looks impressive.
Photo: Apple

For a company that insists it doesn’t like to look to the past, Apple’s new Face ID logo will certainly feel familiar to longtime Mac users.

Apple debuted the new logo during its iPhone X keynote yesterday to show off the phones facial scanning features. It features a simple smiling face that looks three dimensional, but it’s actually just a repurposed version of the classic Happy Mac icon originally created by Susan Kare for the original Macintosh.

Check out the similarities:

Instagram’s gorgeous new logo comes with revamped iPhone app


download (1)
It's about time!
Photo: Instagram

Instagram is rolling out a brand new user interface on iPhone that ditches bright colors to make your photos look even prettier… but no one really cares about that. The real news is the brand new logo that comes with it.

Filled with beautifully bright colors like a sweet acid trip, it’s the first new logo Instagram has had since it launched five years ago, and it replaces the familiar retro camera, which was starting to look a little long in the tooth.

Uber’s new logo sure is a bit bizarre


Uber's new app icon is already getting insults.
Photo: Uber

Uber dropped a surprise announcement today that it has completely changed its logo and branding. The new logo is only slightly modified, featuring an altered font with letters that are closer together. The bigger news is the new app icon reflecting a total branding change. People already aren’t thrilled with it.

The picture you see above is indeed using the new Uber icon. It’s supposed to represent very small, simple forms of matter and technology coming together: atoms and bits.

Google forgot to search for ‘sophisticated logo design’


The new Google logo is simpler than ever. Photo: Google
The new Google logo is simpler than ever. Photo: Google

Google revealed it’s getting a new logo today that ditches its rough edges for a more simplified (some would say childish) design. The change comes just a month after the company announced it was being restructured with Sundar Pichai taking the CEO reigns of the company now owned by Alphabet.

The new logo was introduced this morning on a blog post from Google’s VP of product management, Tamar Yehoshua, and UX director Bobby Nath, who justified their kiddie logo, saying it’s supposed to reflect the many platforms users interact with Google on throughout the day.

The True Origin Of Samsung’s Logo [Humor]




Apple and Samsung are headed back to court today for round two of their billion dollar patent lawsuit that will see the two companies pointing fingers and slamming down arguments on who copied whose patents.

We’ve seen enough evidence to have our own opinion on Samsung’s copying ways and now thanks to this Thai cartoon it all becomes perfectly clear why Samsung just can’t help itself.

Image: Killua51
Thanks: Grahame

This Dead 21-Year-Old Programmer Has An Apple Logo On His Tombstone



Romanian Apple fan Andrei was a straight-A student and promising C++ programmer whose 21-year life was tragically cut short before he could fulfill his dream of working for Cupertino, and possibly, if he was good enough, becoming Steve Jobs.

His passion for Apple was so much that when he died, his parents erected a tombstone with his honor, featuring the Apple logo on it. The message on the stone from his parents reads: “Our son, our hope, you are with us in every moment, and we are with you every moment. You are the champion!”

Source: Cancan.ro
Thanks: Victor!

What The WWDC 2013 Logo Hints About The Future Of Mac & iOS


Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.24.25 AM

This is the new logo for this year’s WWDC, which is scheduled to kick off on June 10th. WWDC logos tend to forecast in a round-about way what Apple thinks is the “kicker” of the conference: last year, it was the debut of the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

So what does this WWDC 2013 logo mean? It features a bunch of rounded rectangles of varying colors, stacked a top each other, with a flat font reflecting WWDC into the year in Roman numerals. Here are our guesses:

Samsung Is Set To Rebrand Company To Be More Apple-like In 2013



Ripping off Apple’s hardware designs isn’t enough for Samsung, even though they lost a $1 billion lawsuit because of it. Sensing that they need to make some big changes in their design, Samsung is rumored to undergo a radical brand makeover in 2013.

If reports are to be believed, Samsung will announce the rebranding at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The South-Korean based company has been working with a design team that has worked with Nike in the past and are rebranding Samsung’s image to be more like Apple’s.

Designer Announces Steve Jobs Tribute Desk, Gives Percentage Of Proceeds To Cancer Research


sj23 with logo

Kyle Buckner has been inspired by Steve Jobs his whole life, ultimately choosing a career in design due to the Apple founder’s influence.

Today, he announced a new tribute piece in honor of the first anniversary of Jobs’ passing: a specially designed desk, available in two colors from his website. The desks are a labor of love from Buckner that include a special Steve Jobs logo, designed specifically for this project. The result is a piece of furniture that’s both functional and beautiful, much like the product designs Buckner’s hero was a lifelong advocate for.

The desks are selling fro $999.99 apiece, with a portion of the proceeds going to The American Cancer Society. We took a few minutes to chat with Buckner via email.

Apple Attempts To Trademark Its Music Icon, But Myspace Got There First


Let's hope it's not really called iRadio.
The Music app on iPad.

Almost everything Apple creates is patented and trademarked in an effort to ensure that other companies can’t steal its ideas (though they do). However, sometimes the folks in Cupertino hit a stumbling block. That’s what happened when Apple attempted to trademark its Music app icon recently, only to find that Myspace got there first.

Apple Preparations For Next Week’s iPhone 5 Event Begin At Yerba Buena Center


The wait is nearly over.
The wait is nearly over.

Apple has begun prepping the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for the iPhone 5’s grand unveiling on September 12. Now that the Cupertino company has sent out invitations for the much-anticipated event, it has started decorating the venue with its logo, while exterior banners are expected to go up later today.

If Microsoft Redesigned Apple’s Logo [Image]


Microsoft Apple logo

Microsoft recently redesigned its company logo for the first time in 25 years. The design is dead simple: four boxes in a square that pays homage to the original logo.

What would it look like if Microsoft redesigned Apple’s logo? The above concept comes from L8. Logos have also been made for brands like Starbucks, Firefox, Twitter, Pepsi, and Google.

I think it’s safe to say that Apple’s own logo wins.

Source: L8

Thanks: Andrew

iPhone 5 Mod Receives Takedown Notice From Apple, Will Stop Selling In 48 Hours


Get it quick.
Get it quick.

Just as we had predicted, the iPhone mod that aims to turn your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into an iPhone 5 — which we told you about yesterday — has been pulled by Apple. The site selling the kit has received a letter from a third-party who is “authorized to send notice and takedowns on behalf of Apple,” and it will stop selling in 48 hours.

What Do You Think Of Microsoft’s New Logo?



The old one lasted a quarter of a century, but Microsoft has now unveiled a new logo ahead of the anticipated launch of Windows 8, the most radical revision of the world’s most popular desktop operating system to date. It’s boring, but in regards to embracing the minimalism of today’s design trends with a soft, non-stylized font, it does a good job.

New In iOS 6: Apple Logos In Spotlight, Live Home Screen Previews In Wallpaper Settings


We're still digging up new iOS 6 features. Image courtesy of William Gamache (madmonorailprods@bell.net).
We're still digging up new iOS 6 features. Image courtesy of William Gamache (madmonorailprods@bell.net).

It’s been a week since Apple released its first iOS 6 beta, and we’re still digging up new features. We reported some improvements to the keyboard this morning, and now we’ve found some enhancements to Spotlight and wallpaper settings.

The Upside Down Apple Logo: A Steve Jobs Mistake


An old PowerBook with an upside down Apple logo on Sex and the City.
An old PowerBook with an upside down Apple logo on Sex and the City.

When you open up your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, the glowing Apple logo on its hood sits upright so that everyone in Starbucks knows that you’re using a Mac. However, it hasn’t always been that way. There was a time when Apple logos were upside down on the lid of Apple notebooks, until Steve Jobs realized his mistake.

Illuminate Your iPhone 4’s Apple Logo With This Awesome Mod, But Be Quick!



We’ve seen this magnificent mod for the iPhone 4 before, from a U.K.-based iPhone repair specialist, but the best thing about this one from K.O. Store is that it’s available to purchase right now! The kit allows you to easily replace the rear panel of your iPhone 4 with one that features an illuminating Apple logo.

But you’ll have to be quick — it’s only on sale for two days, and could be pulled sooner if Apple steps in.

These Are The iTunes Logo Redesigns That Apple Never Went For [Gallery]



Back in 2004, designer Felix Sockwell was hired by a respectable design firm that had been contracted by Apple to redesign the iTunes logo. The iTunes logo didn’t actually end up being redesigned until 2010, but I find some of Sockwell’s sketches interesting, even if they are admittedly off the mark. As Sockwell himself eloquently says, “iTunes never needed a sales pitch or promise or proprietary device. They just needed a note in a circle. Boom. Done.”

Check out more of Felix’s sketches in the gallery below, then make sure to read his fantastic thoughts on what it takes to design a great Apple logo over at his blog.