iPhone Camera App Only Lets You Take One Photo. Ever.



Would you buy an iPhone photography app that only let you take one photo? Not one per day, or one per week, but one photo ever. No? Neither would I. But I would download a free app just to see what was going on.

That app is real, and it’s called One Memento.

The app is more of an art project than something you’ll keep and use. The idea is that you snap your photo (or choose one from your camera roll), add some filters (it looks like the Aviary editor is built in) and upload it. There’s a cool-off period of two hours for you to change your mind, and then that’s it.

Your photo is added to an online gallery of 250,000, and once you’ve shot your one photo, the only thing you can do with the app is browse this gallery.

And that’s it. I kind of like the idea of having to select just one great image, but I’m too hooked on the photon bukkake that is digital photography to really be interested in such forced abstinence.

Plus, you have to sign into Twitter before you can even begin. This is probably a way to stop you cheating and signing in over and over, but I’d rather be able to take a tour of the app before granting it access to my account.

If you are interested, the app if free, and as of this writing only 536 photos have been added.

Source: One Memento

Via: PetaPixel