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Manfrotto Enters iPhone Camera Fray With Klyp Lighting Case



Tripod and lighting supremo Manfrotto — the Italian company whose name seems to combine the words “man” and “frottage” — is finally getting in on the iPhonegraphy game. And its Klyp looks to be every bit as sturdy and well thought out as the rest of its products.

The Klyp is an iPhone case which allows you to mount the rig on a tripod, and also to clip on LED “flash” lighting units. The twist here is that the case itself (a two-piece, foam-lined design) is bereft of all features but four clips, which are positioned like slightly chubby hips and shoulders on the iPhone, were the iPhone to have limbs.

These four clips accept either tripod adapters or hot-shoe (or more properly, cold-shoe) adapters, which in turn can mount Manfrotto’s own purpose-made folding tripod, or its universal LED lamps.

Thus you can put the lights and the stand anywhere you like, increasing flexibility in both lighting and in positioning.

The really good news? Manfrotto only wants a measly £25 ($40) for the basic kit, consisting of case plus tripod and lighting clips.

Source: Manfrotto

Via: Digital Photography Review