Studio Neat Updates Glif For iPhone 5



Got an iPhone 5? Missing the Glif stand/tripod adapter/icon that fits your old, fat, ugly (not to mention slooowwww) iPhone 4/S like a (right-angled plastic) glove?

Don’t worry: by simply spending more money, you can secure yourself a brand new, elongated and slenderized version of the Glif for your new iPhone.

Fortunately, the new Glif is just as cheap as the old one, at $20. In fact, the old one will continue to be available for all those losers buying last year’s iPhone model. Like its almost identical predecessor, the new Glif either clips over the corner of the iPhone to add a tripod bush mounting, or it clips onto the iPhone’s edge at right angles to provide a handy-dandy stand (you don’t now how tempted I was to write “standy” at the end of that sentence. Be thankful I didn’t).

The prototype you see in the picture is, like the photo on the front of a pack of cereal, for illustrative purposes only. The one that ships to you will be black, not white.

Available for pre-order now.

Source: Studio Neat

Via: The Next Web

  • hanhothi

    Ugly? iPhone ugly? Mr Charlie, you can’t say things like that on THIS web site, you will get marked as a Troll!

    Everyone on CoM was describing the iPhone 4/s as gorgeous when they came out!

  • Pawel Tomasz Dlugosz

    “…for all those losers buying last year’s iPhone model.”

    I pressume it’s sarcasm, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So much for journalisting integrity on Cult of Mac.

  • dannypolicarpo

    For anyone looking to buy the Glif for iPhone 5 in the UK or EU are selling them here: