Most Embarrassingly Bad Microsoft Internal Video Ever. UPDATE: On Purpose!


UPDATE: Microsoft says this was their attempt to make the worst internal video ever. MMM…yeah. Interesting spin…

I’ve been wrapping up an all-intensive project at work lately, but I have to break my silence for this: “Rocking Our Sales” by Bruce ServicePack and the Vista Street Band. I don’t really know where to begin. I guess I will just say this. I have no idea if Apple makes lame Bruce Springsteen parody music videos to inspire its channel sales teams, but if it does, I have to assume that it uses better lyrics than “Talk up our Microsoft Application Virtualization…See what’s on employee’s laptops with AIS and MDOP!”

EPIC FAIL, MS! And if anyone is actually inspired to sell more Vista based on this, really think about switching your job. I mean, damn.

Via Daring Fireball

  • ADrian

    I quite like it actually :)

  • Barry

    Excuse me while I stick forks in my eyes and ears…

    …ah that’s better.

    Other than BitLocker Man I have a hard time they spent so much money trying to be bad. It’s kind of funny though, if they were trying to be bad then they did a poor job of producing something that transcends bad to become good.

  • no-doz

    And Vista was their effort to make the worst OS ever. On purpose.

  • phoenix

    Eh, It’s on par for cheesy internal videos made by marketing (usually for play at company off-sites and meetings) – I’ve seen worse, trust me. ;) Usually all the employees just grin and bear it because they don’t want to be seen as “not team players.” Pretend to be inspired, and you’re on track for a promotion!

    That being said, “purposeful attempt?” Seriously? Either the folks at Microsoft have more of a self-deprecating sense of humor than I could ever give them credit for, or their marketing folks need to spend less time on videos and more time on spin.

  • iburl

    “It was on purpose” The line that every nerd comes up with after the school talent show when he shows himself to be a clumsy, untalented oaf. “It was SUPPOSED to be funny…. Duh!”

  • C Rolls

    I do think it’s marginally funny just because they spoofed Springsteen (AKA the most generic rock superstar).

  • kike

    it’s so patetic…i don’t know WFT Microsoft whit this… this an joke? or is true? Microsoft Suck

  • Phil Beesley

    On a serious note, what is it about Microsoft product branding? MS bought a company called Softricity that had a product called SoftGrid. Great names that stick in the mind. So why rebrand it as “Microsoft Application Virtualization”?

    MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) contains some great products (ie it fixes some Windows horrors) but what does the name mean? It might be a bit better than its predecessor, DOPSA (Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance) by a few millimetres.

    Some people at MS do get it — BitLocker is a good product with a great name. Possibly you can attribute that to the product manager, Russ Humphries, a smart and charismatic Brit. The server virtualization product, now unmemorably named Hyper-V, was called Veridian during development. I’m not a Trekkie, but I still think that Veridian was a better product name.

    As Fake Steve has said so many times, these people have no taste.

  • Alex

    :) In a way… I think I like it.

  • mailorders

    I was embarrassed to watch it, and I’m home alone!

  • Shawn

    Wow. I think my IQ has just been knocked down a few points. I need to go watch an Apple ad to bring it back up. Microsoft seems very able to make me love anything NOT PC more and more…maybe they should just stop marketing all together. They might be better off that way…