Aussies Line Up By The Hundreds To Be First To Own The iPhone 5


Aussie iPhone 5 Line

The iPhone 5 went on sale in Australia today, and hundreds of folks lined up for the privilege of being some of the first in the country to purchase and own Apple’s latest cultural and technical marvel. Some waited as long as 68 hours for the iPhone 5, competing to be the first person in the world to own an iPhone 5.

Todd Foot claims the top spot, then, having waited in line since Tuesday. Of course, he immediately began to complain about the new maps program.

“Apparently it’s not 100% accurate,” he told the Wall Street Journal, “in fact the shop across the road here is the Darrell Lea store and that’s actually listed as the Apple store at the moment, through their own maps software, so it’s a bit of a joke going around.”

Regardless, fans of the company that want to be the first to own the iPhone 5 device have been lining up worldwide. The launch itself began its worldwide roll out in Sydney today, moving across Asia as the day begins in each region.

So excited is the land down under for the iPhone 5, that an Australian online gambling site took bets on how long the line would be this morning, as well as bets on what the most popular apps downloaded in Australia would be after the launch.

Source: The Wall Street Journal