iPad Mini Dummy Unit Gets Shown Off In Hands-On Video


It might be just a dummy, but it looks pretty darn impressive.
It might be just a dummy, but it looks pretty darn impressive.

Remember that iPad mini that surfaced on Tuesday? Rather naively, I suggested it could have been the real thing, but as it turns out, it was nothing more than a dummy unit — as you can see from the video above. Admittedly, it is a rather impressive dummy unit, and it’s likely to be almost identical to the real iPad mini.

It’s hard to tell whether the dummy is simply built based on the rumors we’ve seen in recent weeks, or whether some of its parts — such as the rear casing — are actually genuine. Though we’re assuming the former is probably true here.

The dummy boasts a (fake) 7.85-inch display with a slim bezel down the sides of the screen, both front- and rear-facing cameras, and Apple’s new Lightning connector. As I said, though this may not be the real thing, it’s likely to be a very good replica.

According to GizChina, who obtained this device and produced the video you see above, dummies like this are readily available online for around $13.

Apple is expected to hold a special event in September to announce the new device, so we’ll find out then just how accurate this dummy unit is. Until then, don’t be fooled by “leaked” pictures you see online, because they’re probably all just of dummy units.

Source: GizChina

Via: MacRumors

  • PwnageUser101

    It won’t look like that. The thin bezel makes it unusable.

  • Marc Negron

    I doubt the iPad mini will be introduced within the same month as the iPhone 5. I mean that’s barely giving any time for the market to adjust to the iPhone. It just seems odd. I would say the latest maybe a March release…thought that might be to far. I do know one thing for sure. I know I will totally be getting this before my iPhone 5. I am more interested in the iPad mini.