Samsung Learns The Hard Way That Everyone Wants An iPhone 5 [Image]




Samsung can’t catch a break. Samsung Mobile USA posted the following question on their Facebook page – “If you could only take one electronic device on a deserted island, what would it be?”

They probably figured fans would respond that they would totally take their Galaxy S3 or some other Samsung device that no one cares about. But when you’re on a fantasy island, you probably want the best phone possible, right?

So rather than receiving a mob of responses declaring their desire to never be parted with their Galaxy S3, a lot of people just said that they wanted an iPhone 5. Or an electric boat.

Sorry, Samsung. Maybe people will actually want the S4?

Source: Facebook

Via: Thomas Lampo


  • Miguel Rodas

    So, how about those 40,782 people who liked the post?

  • Hafez R. Dimaporo

    I am the 42, 501st to like that… because I like what most people are responding… “iPhone 5 or iPad”. ;)

  • petersodja

    I’m not a very smart guy, but even I can see that this was a joke.

  • petehotchkiss

    but the desert island is highly unlikely to have the new thunderbolt power outlets available to charge the thing – so it will be little more than a posh mirror after 24 hours.

  • itskittibitch


  • nolavabo

    That island is going to be swarming with iPhone 5 users. My one device would be a Solio charger with only an iPhone 5 tip. Within days I’d be the most powerful person on the island. No pun intended.

  • ksuyen

    I’m not a very smart guy, but even I can see that this was a joke.

    Thanks for proving your point. No offense intended.

  • Andrew Newsome

    It’s pretty funny. But Buster is not trolling. Not funny.

  • bullshitconsult

    On a desert island. Probably no cell tower within a thousand miles. What good are either Sammy’s Shit or a iPhone.

  • yankeesusa

    The iPhone would probably withstand the elements better but i think you could do more with the s3. Either way they both have great specs and the iPhone just works but in the real world i choose s3 for me and iPhone for my wife.

  • Len Williams

    Nope, this is not a joke. I went to Samsung’s Facebook page and verified that most of the commenters (me included) said they’d take an iPhone or iPad if they could only take one device. So much for Samsung’s brand loyalty–and on their own Facebook page!!

  • Larail

    I would take the iPhone 5 myself. I would need some form if trash to burn. I myself posted and followed that posting and I know most said galaxy S3 or galaxy note!!!!! True story

  • robert_walter

    God help them if they had asked that question after the facebook interface is integrated into ios6!

  • baby_Twitty

    I think it Samsuck deleted that post. What a PR failure…

    Apple wins again :)

  • Bertie Chan

    Hey, here is the infographics for the comments in the post!