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Olympics Committee: Samsung Can’t Bully Athletes Into Hiding Their iPhones


Olympic athletes receive Note 3 phones with their country's flag on the back.
Olympic athletes receive Note 3 phones with their country's flag on the back.

Remember the report from yesterday that said that Sochi Olympics sponsor Samsung was asking athletes to cover up their iPhone logos? Not something athletes need to worry about, according to the International Olympic Committee. But that doesn’t mean Samsung didn’t ask.

Facebook Is Planning To Announce Its Own Smartphone On April 4th


The latest Facebook SDK makes the Facebook on iOS experience even greater.
The latest Facebook SDK makes the Facebook on iOS experience even greater.

There have been rumors for over a year that Facebook is trying to make its own smartphone to compete with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3, but we haven’t had much reason to believe in them until now.

Facebook sent out invitations last night to an event on April 4th at its headquarters, where the company will allegedly unveil its own smartphone that was built in partnership with HTC.

Magnetyze Cordless Charger Now in Car and Travel Versions



You know about Magnetyze, right? It’s a system that lets you charge an iPhone 4/S or Galaxy S3 without the need for a cord. Pop your iPhone into the provided case, then drop the case on the magnetic charging base and your iPhone will charge (and sync) — it works kind of like the MagSafe power adapter on a MacBook. It’s really cool on the S3, because the Magnetyze case replaces the S3’s original back, so there’s almost zero extra bulk. Neat.

Apple Co-Founder Says The iPhone Is ‘Somewhat Behind’ Android


Woz loves Android even though he co-founded Apple

Steve Wozniak says the darnest things. Even though he’s the co-founder of Apple, and was one of Steve Jobs’ best friends, he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind when he’s thinking something negative about Apple.

In a recent interview with the German newspaper Wirtschafts Woche, Woz says that even though Apple’s fans are very loyal, the iPhone is starting to fall behind the competition.

An iPhone Lover’s Three Months Exile With Android




You never meant for this to happen. In your rush to dive into the ocean, you forgot to take your iPhone out of your pocket, and didn’t realize it till you came out of the water. It’s a disaster. You leave your drowned iPhone 4S in a bag of rice for three days, praying to God, Allah, Jehovah, Moses, Shiva, and Oprah Winfrey that some magical power will make it work again. It doesn’t. You blow-dry it. Nada. Every conceivable way to resurrect your iPhone is met with failure and a blank screen.

Because you know the iPhone 5 is coming out in three months you decide not to waste your money and upgrade eligibility. Once you get home you rummage through your desk and find the Galaxy Nexus Samsung sent you three months ago. You sit in your chair staring at it almost hesitant to turn it on. You run your hands along the contours of its plastic grey body, pop in your new SIM card, take a deep breath, and then you dive in. This is it – your new digital home and the beginning of a three month exile into Android.

Samsung Learns The Hard Way That Everyone Wants An iPhone 5 [Image]




Samsung can’t catch a break. Samsung Mobile USA posted the following question on their Facebook page – “If you could only take one electronic device on a deserted island, what would it be?”

They probably figured fans would respond that they would totally take their Galaxy S3 or some other Samsung device that no one cares about. But when you’re on a fantasy island, you probably want the best phone possible, right?

So rather than receiving a mob of responses declaring their desire to never be parted with their Galaxy S3, a lot of people just said that they wanted an iPhone 5. Or an electric boat.

Sorry, Samsung. Maybe people will actually want the S4?

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