Tough And Sensitive, The Pentax K5-II And K5-IIs


You could probably use this to hammer in nails. Probably.



Pentax other announcement at Photokina this week concerns a pair of prosumer-level SLRs, the K5-II and the K5-IIs. These are the exact same camera, only the S has had its low-pass filter left off, and will cost you $100 more than the vanilla K5-II. The low-pass, or anti-aliasing filter allows for higher-resolution images, but could introduce unwanted moiré patterns into photos. Studio photographers will love it.

Amongst several incremental updates, the most interesting is the new SAFOX X autofocus sensor, which can focus from light levels as low as -3EV an up to 18EV, and has better, more accurate focus tracking than its predecessor (if your subject slips off its designated focus sensor, estimates about its position are made by reading info from other sensors. It also appears to be named for Sam Fox, the 46-year-old ex-glamour model and pop star from England.

The weatherproof, dust-proof, cold-proof body also contains a new LCD screen with no air-gap (like the iPhone) which makes for clearer images and less glare, and a 100% optical viewfinder.

The camera looks solid, both literally and metaphorically. The regular model will cost $1,200 body-only, and the S-variant will go for $1,300.

Source: PENTAX

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  • robraden

    I don’t get what this post has to do with Apple or the Mac, but if the K5-II has the same build quality of a K5, it’s a beast.

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    Looking forward to a Frigidaire review. Thank you in advance…
    (just trying ti understand!)

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