The Pi Mount Is As Cute As Pie, And Cheaper


If you were to divide $9 by π, you'd get $2.86. Just saying, is all.



$9. Nine lousy dollars. With nine bucks, there’s no way you could make an iPhone stand this good, even buying parts from the cheapest of hardware stores. Hell, the only way to make a functional iPhone holder with $9 is to head to the bank, buy a roll of quarters and sit the iPhone up on top.

Which is hardly as elegant as this very practical-looking Pi Mount.


The Pi part of the name comes from the splayed-leg and crossbar design of the stand. And it’s not just a gimmick: those flared legs are sized just right to slide over your iPhone’s charging brick and then hold on tight, while up top is a little cradle'n'shelf combo to keep the iPhone out of harm’s way as it refreshes itself.

As designs go, the Pi is as simple and utilitarian as it gets. And yet it manages to add a strong dash of cuteness at the same time. And all for just $9, or the price of a ten-dollar item, minus one dollar.

Did I mention that this costs just a buck shy of a Hamilton? Nine tenths of a tenner? At that price you could probably put one on every iPhone charger you own. And best of all it is available now. Start going through your pocket change – surely you can find nine dollars in there?

Source: pi Mount



  • jca488

    Ive seen better and smaller on fab.

  • Rob Gilgan

    I tried to order one last night. FedX to Canada – $76.00. Even domestic shipping is more expensive than the product. I can get the same thing, custom built out of beautiful hardwood, for half the price of the shipping alone. Why does Cult of Mac promote this kind of sleaziness?