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Obama’s iPad UDID Was Among Those Leaked By AntiSec



President Obama is an Apple user through and through. He answers Reddit questions from a MacBook, got an early iPad from Steve Jobs himself, and Rush Limbaugh even thinks Obama hacked Siri just to mess with him.

But just because you’re the leader of the Free World doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible to AntiSec hacks too. The UDID for President Obama’s iPad may or may not have been among the more than 1 million UDIDs the AntiSec leaked this morning from the FBI’s databases.

PasteHTML claims that Obama’s UDID is 473d6e1ebf0b100ed172ce5f69c97ba6c8f12ad5 and it’s among the those leaked by AntiSec. If it’s true, then Obama named his iPad “hobamain” which might be a mash-up of his middle name, “Hussein” with his last name.

Is it really him? We’re not sure, but we wouldn’t doubt that the FBI was tracking his UDID. For purely security purposes. Maybe.

Source: PasteHTML

Via: RazorianFly