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True Source Of The Hacked AntiSec UDIDs Was Actually An App Publisher



After a lot of confusion and denials from the FBI and Apple, the real source of the 1 million hacked UDIDs that Anonymous leaked last week has finally been found, and aswas theorized last week, it was just an app publisher.

Blue Toad, an app publishing company in Florida, revealed to NBC News that they’re 100 percent confident that Anonymous hacked their databases and stole the UDIDs from them.

AntiSec Probably Stole 12 Million UDIDs From An App Publisher, Not The FBI



First, AntiSec leaked a ton of iPhone and iPad UDIDs to the public, claiming they hacked them off an FBI laptop. The FBI responded and said there was no way the UDIDs came from them. Then Apple jumped in and said that they totally didn’t give anyone 12million UDIDs. But 12million UDIDs were still leaked and people are still wondering how the heck AntiSec got them.

A few theories have been bouncing around the web this morning, but the most plausible theory of how AntiSec got all the UDIDs is that a network of free apps were keeping track of UDIDs and AntiSec hacked them off the publisher’s laptop.

Apple Says They Didn’t Give The FBI Any Device IDs


The sixth-generation iPhone will be released next month, and is the most radical overhaul of the iPhone to date.
The sixth-generation iPhone will be released next month, and is the most radical overhaul of the iPhone to date.

Yesterday, AntiSec leaked over 1million Apple UDIDs that they claim came from a FBI laptop they hacked. What was the FBI doing with all those UDIDs, and who gave them to them? Well the FBI says that they totally didn’t get hacked so it’s not their fault.

Apple has been quiet the entire time about the whole thing, until this morning when they released an official comment stating that they never gave the FBI anyone’s device IDs.

FBI: AntiSec Lied, We Have Not Been Tracking Apple IDs



This is getting interesting. Hot on the heels of hacking group Antisec leaking 1M+ Apple IDs they said they downloaded from a hacked FBI laptop, the FBI itself is now saying they had nothing to dow with it.

Here’s the FBI’s statement, as given to All Things D:

The FBI is aware of published reports alleging that an FBI laptop was compromised and private data regarding Apple UDIDs was exposed. At this time there is no evidence indicating that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI either sought or obtained this data.

Strange. If that data didn’t come from the FBI, then, who did it come from?

Source: All Things D

Obama’s iPad UDID Was Among Those Leaked By AntiSec



President Obama is an Apple user through and through. He answers Reddit questions from a MacBook, got an early iPad from Steve Jobs himself, and Rush Limbaugh even thinks Obama hacked Siri just to mess with him.

But just because you’re the leader of the Free World doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible to AntiSec hacks too. The UDID for President Obama’s iPad may or may not have been among the more than 1 million UDIDs the AntiSec leaked this morning from the FBI’s databases.

The FBI Was Tracking Over 1M+ Apple IDs, And AntiSec Just Leaked Them



Earlier in this year, Apple shut down the unique device identifier or UDID as a valid way for developers to try to track users of their apps.

You have to wonder if they felt a storm coming, as today, the hacking group AntiSec has released more than 12 million UDIDs that they managed to recover from an infilitrated FBI laptop. And your device ID — along with everything you did with the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad associated with it — might just be one of them.