Concept Is A Slick Virtual Cork Board For The iPad




Concept is one of the nicest implementations of the virtual corkboard/scrapbook we’ve seen. You can add photos, post-its and index-cards to various “boards,” and rearrange them at will.

It’s a 1.0 release, and as such lacks a few basic niceties (like portrait orientation) but the polish and ease of use make up for it.


Open or create a board and tap on it. You can add a new object from the list: sticky note (text), photo note (like a Polaroid, with a caption), “bloc note,” which is more like an index card and lets you add line breaks to your text, marker text (free-floating titles), arrows (arrows!) and dividers (vertical dividing lines).

Using these elements you can brainstorm, make storyboards, mood boards, scrapbooks, anything you like. Moving items is as easy as touching and dragging them, and arrows are spun by pinching and twisting.

The limitations are various, but sure to be fixed in future versions. The app, as I mentioned, is currently landscape-only. Export is just an image of the screen, via e-mail or saving to the camera roll. There is no font choice, and photos are cropped arbitrarily to fit the frame.

For a v1.0 release, though, concepts is solid and will probably be very useful for many people. And as it only costs $2, it’s worth a try for everyone.

Source: App Shopper