AutoStitch Panorama, Now With Awesome Augmented-Reality ‘StitchGuide’


The new AutoStitch is -- amazingly -- even better than the old one.



AutoStitch, the fantastic panorama-shooting app, has been updated to v5.0. And what an update. The new headline feature is called StitchGuide, and it uses augmented-reality overlays to help guide your photo taking.

While AutoStitch has always managed to cobble together great panoramas from multiple images, StitchGuide makes shooting less hit-and-miss, and gets better results. It works like this:

You shoot a sequence of pictures as normal, only now you can see all the other shots layed out in 3-D space and slightly dimmed behind the live view of your current frame. These move as you swing the iPhone around thanks to gyroscopic controls, and let you line up the pictures perfectly.

Not only that, but the app helps out, turning the edge of your “viewfinder” box green when you have a good shot.

Afterwards, you can delete any section you don’t like, reshoot and then continue to the stitching part as usual.

I already use AutoStitch (pixel-doubled on the iPad) as my go-to panorama tool. Now it’s even better, and if you don’t have it then shame on you – it’s just $2. Go grab it now.

Source: CloudBurst Research


  • s_ellerington

    I have been using 360 Panorama but I am tempted to give AutoStitch a go at £1.49. Has anyone else compared the latest versions of these apps?

  • ddevito

    This feature is built into Android, perhaps Google should patent it then ban Apple from selling iOS devices that run this software.

  • bytor99999

    Microsoft’s Photosynth app has been doing this since the beginning. And theirs is free.