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iTunes Festival App Added To Apple TV On The Sly, Days Ahead Of Schedule



There’s a new icon on the Apple TV tonight, and it’s kind of a sweet surprise. The 2012 iTunes Festival will be in London, with apps available on iPhones, iPads and Macs for free streaming of the event.

Looks like Apple decided to get an app onto the Apple TV as well, ahead of the September 1st launch date.

Twitter user @Erin_Allen noticed the new update, saying “What’s this new icon on the AppleTV? iTunes Festival. Looks like September will be a fun month of music. #FB”

I couldn’t agree more. 30 nights of free music streaming to my Apple devices? Sign me up! With the Apple TV app, of course, I no longer have to rely on my iPad to AirPlay the concerts to the LCD HDTV in my “rumpus room.” Instead, I’ll be watching the proceedings directly from my favorite set-top box for iTunes, Home Sharing, and Netflix.

The iTunes Festival is coming back in September 2012. We’re inviting more than 60 artists to perform 30 consecutive nights of brilliant live music at the Roundhouse in London. Be sure to check back—we’re adding new artists to the line-up on a regular basis. Every ticket to the iTunes Festival is free—you can apply to win tickets to any performance.

If you can’t make the gig, watch the shows live or view them afterwards for a limited time on your computer with iTunes, or on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the iTunes Festival app. To watch on your big screen, use Apple TV and click iTunes Festival from the main menu, or use Airplay to stream gigs wirelessly via the app.

Via: Twitter