IconToggles Tweak Brings 16 Different Actions To Your Home Screen [Jailbreak]


The quickest way to toggle settings on your iPhone.
The quickest way to toggle settings on your iPhone.

It’s not difficult to open up the Settings app and activate or deactivate things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Airplane Mode. But it could be a whole lot quicker. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an icon on your home screen that allows you to toggle these things instantly — without having to navigate the Settings app? Thanks to IconToggles, you can.

IconToggles, a new tweak for jailbroken devices, brings 16 different actions to your home screen. It doesn’t just cater to Settings, either — there are also shortcuts to all kinds of different functions. You can toggle Wi-Fi, location, and Bluetooth, or quickly start a new message or email, respring your device, enter Safe Mode, and more.

Sure, there are other tweaks that offer similar toggles. But the great thing about IconToggles isn’t just its support for so many functions, but also its icons, which look good and don’t feel out of place alongside the existing apps on your home screen.

What’s more, its developer promises there will be new toggles added later on, and is even asking for suggestions and ideas. So if a toggle you’re looking for isn’t supported, you can drop the creator an email, or contact them via Twitter.

IconToggles is a $1.99 tweak that’s available via the BigBoss repo in Cydia now. You must have iOS 5 installed to use it.

Via: Redmond Pie

  • hanhothi

    I wish iOS had these built in, or at least Apple would allow apps to toggle these functions. I have BlueTooth on/off but no WiFi. However, I do not think these icons look very good, they are plain and boring, but do the job.

  • MacHead84

    Id really like to see Apple implement something like this based off of a multitouch gesture. Say, a 3 fingered up swipe while on any of the home screen pages would turn the icons on said page into settings icons until the page is slide to the right or left to return to normal app icons. Or even simpler, just a “settings” page one swipe left past the spotlight search page.

    EDIT: but certainly not for silly things like Fake Banner, Respring and the rest of the “non” settings this offers.

  • assyrianpride

    this is dumb, u can access these in “settings”, and they take up memory that could be used for other things

  • thehighesttimes

    I like this, but it’s definitely not better than having the SBSettings toggle window come down from the top with a quick swipe on the status bar from any app that shows the bar. IMHO