Rugged Flight Case Transports And Charges 16 iPads Simultaneously


Who said you couldn't multitask with the iPad?

Hey! do you have 16 iPad’s and a 13-inch MacBook that you travel with regularly? Are you sick of plugging and unplugging them, and having to roll them in newspaper every time you take a plane?

Well, if you’re happy to put all your iEggs in one tough, roll-along basket and entrust it to the notoriously light-fingers of the airport baggage handlers, then Parat Solutions has just the, uh, solution for you.

The case is the InSync Transport Case, and it has slots into which you can slide iPads as if they were slices of expensive bread in a non-heating toaster. The iPads can be kept in their cases (you might consider Parat’s own rugged sleeves). Once stowed, you can hook charging cables up to each and every one and, if you also plug in your notebook, you can sync them right there in the case.

A mains cable will let you plug the case into the wall and charge everything fast.

We might chuckle, but for anyone who uses iPads as part of sales presentations, or for trade-show demos, or who is just paranoid and likes to carry a fully-synced and charged set of spares, this case looks ideal. Bonus: you get a comfy place to sit at crowded airports.

And if this case isn’t your bag (sorry) then Parat makes a whole range of neat-o, bulk-use iPad cases and boxes. You can even find cases for your collection of iPods. None of these come cheap, however. If you fancy the case seen here, you’re looking at at least $645.


Via: Twitter