Your iPhone Can Now Test If Your Delicious Organic Beef Is Really Organic With This Accessory



Scientific instruments usually look crazy weird and aren’t designed to be user-friendly for the every day, non-scientist man. Lapka is looking to change that with their beautifully designed, semi-affordable Personal Environmental Monitor.

Lapka allows iPhone users to attach four different measuring instruments which can test for radiation, nitrates, humidity, and electromagnetic frequency, so you can create a perfect climate in your home, make sure your food is truly organic, find the perfect spot for your router, and make sure you’re not going to get cancer.

The tool is set to release later this year with a $230 price tag. Not really something everyone will buy, but it looks like a really neat tool for people who are concerned whether or not their organic grass-fed beef doesn’t have traces of fertilizers in it. No one likes munching on fertilizers.

I’m no scientist, but testing nitrate levels in an organic substance seems like it should be more complex that touching a slab of meat with a pretty plastic stick. Lapka’s website doesn’t show how you actually test nitrate levels with the Personal Environmental Monitor, so maybe it’s all just a pipe dream.


Via: Werd