Conan O’Brien Takes On The Apple Vs. Samsung Case Tonight


Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 7.49.44 PM
Totally different - this is a T-Shirt, not a mock turtleneck.

In a funny sneak preview clip, embedded below, Conan O’Brien plays a video from a “Samsung VP,” Nick Wood, who appears in the video to tell us all how innovative and completely different Samsung’s products are from Apple’s.

“And what about our Galaxy Tablet?” says the fake VP, while an image of the iPad next to a very similar Galaxy Tab is shown. “Not even close.”

In the obvious parody video, the actor portraying the VP wears a Jobsian black t-shirt, jeans, and stylish eyewear and shows slide after slide of joke Samsung products that you’ve neer heard of.

Wood (later, Woodworth, in a quick jab at the pretentiousness of Apple-style interviews) continues to talk about innovation, including the new (and pretend) Mac-Rowave Oven, Vac Pro vacuum, and of course the iWasher, “with scroll-wheel controls.” Check it out in the minute-and-a-half-long clip below.

The video is definitely hilarious, and a must see for all Apple and Team Coco fans. The Conan Show airs weeknights on TBS at 11/10 Central.