Want To Get Paid $625 Per Hour? Just Testify In The Apple vs Samsung Trial



To defend their allegations that Samsung has been shamelessly copying their products, Apple has had to bring in a few outside experts to testify in the Apple vs Samsung trial. So far the expert witnesses have included people in the fields of product design, graphic design, and marketing.

So how much have they made total? About $205,000 between the three of them to endure the pains of lawyers asking them the like a billion questions. Here’s how much each expert has been paid so far –


To be fair, each of the experts testifying for Apple have decades of experience in their respective fields and make a lot at their day jobs. Susan Kare is one of the most respected icon designers ever and probably earns more than $550 per hour when she’s firing on all cylinders doing design work.

The hourly fee that Apple pays is supposed to make up for time lost at court under Apple and Samsung’s scalpel of questions. But hey, $625 per hour to talk about how Samsung copied Apple? I could totally do that!

  • ddevito

    For $625 an hour I’ll stand outside an Apple store in a costume and tell everyone how great Apple is :p

  • mr_bee

    You make it sound like the idea of paying expert witnesses is wrong or new, (it isn’t it’s standard practice around the world). The lawyers on both sides are all getting far more than the expert witnesses and the judge is getting a huge salary as well.

    Does this mean anything at all? No.
    Does it specifically mean that the witnesses are biased? No.

    $550 per hour for probably the worlds leading computer icon design expert is chump change.

  • seaaalex


    Might I suggest, doing some research before post. You don’t want to end up being compared John Brownlee.