Apple’s Walled Garden Is Infested With Zombies


  • MacHead84

    Discoverability has nothing to do with iOS being a Walled Garden

  • joewaylo

    To add to commenting for the article, you might want to mention that 1/4 to 1/2 of those apps are not only zombied, but no longer updated by the developer as they’ve moved on with future applications.

    Several applications that I have searched for in the past that have been cool once, are abandoned by the developers. NGMOCO for example no longer update their applications. March 2011, November 2011 are a few dated applications. They even shut off a few online games dated over a year old.

  • technochick

    Discoverability has nothing to do with iOS being a Walled Garden

    Indeed. Walls aren’t what kill plants. Lazy gardeners that don’t water and tend them are the problem

  • Lars Pallesen

    “… but the truth is that most of the 500,000 apps that Apple brags about don’t ever get noticed.”

    What, you mean people don’t notice ALL of the 500,000 apps when they’re browsing the App Store? What a shocking revelation! You got yourself a real scoop there, Buster. *rolls eyes*

  • chdotcom

    @all: Our release brought up a lot attention and questions on how we got to this number and why we are making this assumption. With that in mind, we would like to provide you some insight into our methodology and reasoning on the app zombie discovery and the iOS ecosystem.

    You can find it here:?