XFLEX, An Excellent iPad Stand You Probably Don’t Need


This stand sucks... In a good way.


You know what’s really easy? Holding the iPad. You know what’s even easier? Not spending $100. Which is why the XFLEX has its work cut out: it’s a flexible, heavy-footed iPad stand which costs more than a crappy pre-pay Android phone.

To be fair, the XFLEX looks to do its job very well – there’s a weighted (x-shaped) base which sprouts an flexible pad-holding arm which terminates in a suction cup. Thus the stand can work with any smooth-backed tablet, not just the iPad.

Once mounted, you use the stand to watch movies in bed, or make FaceTime calls, or do anything which requires the iPad to be held someplace for a while.

The trouble is, most homes come with a default set of iPad stands, from soft pillows to TV-dinner trays to, well, the stand built in to your iPad case. I can see the need for something a little more, uh, flexible, but I probably wouldn’t drop $100 on it.

Should you decide that what you really need is to have your iPad suspended by your bed so you can read Cult of Mac the very second you awake, then the XFLEX is available now, all shouty five letters of it.

Source: XFLEX