iTunes U Update Brings Note-Taking, New Search & Sharing Features


iTunes U finally allows you to take notes.
iTunes U finally allows you to take notes.

Despite releasing OS X Mountain Lion and a whole host of app compatibility updates this morning, Apple has finished delivering new software. The Cupertino company just rolled out iTunes U version 1.2, which adds note-taking, and new search and sharing features.

The ability to take notes while you’re watching lectures is something I think has been missing from iTunes U from day one. But it’s better late than never. With the latest release, you can take notes at the same time as watching or listening to lectures.

You can then search those notes using the apps new search features. It does’t stop at notes, either; you can also search posts, assignments, and course materials.

Finally, iTunes U 1.2 allows you to share your favorite course with your friends via email, Twitter, or Messages.

Source: App Store