Get Things Done Even Faster With QuickEntry Shortcut To OmniFocus [iOS Tips]


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If you use Omnifocus on your iPad to “get things done,” you know that one of the key features of the system is to capture to do items and tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible to your management software (in this case, Omnifocus). If it’s a hassle to add things to your list of things to get done, you probably won’t add them. If you don’t add them, you won’t do them. It’s a vicious circle.

The OmniFocus forums have a sweet shortcut way to add things right to the OmniFocus inbox, with minimal fuss and muss.

On your iPad, head over to the OmniFocus for iPad forums and read the post from user pastorhudson.

You’ll see that typing omnifocus:///add into mobile Safari takes you right to the inbox screen in Omnifocus. Sweet, right? He’s taken it one step further and provided a nice way to add this functionality to your iPad’s homescreen.

There are two icons available to make this work. Choose the look you like and click on it, all from within Safari on the iPad. You’ll be taken to a page with the instructions on it for saving this as a bookmark on your homescreen on your iPad. To create a shortcut to Omnifocus’ Quick Entry screen: tap the share button (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing up and out to the right) and then Add to Home Screen. You’ll get the specific icon you chose set up on your iPad screen, ready to be moved to the Dock, if you so desire.

Now you’ll be able to add tasks and such to Omnifocus speedily and easily, removing one more obstacle from actually getting things done.

Source: Omnifocus forums
Via: iPad Insight